Welcome to all ESL teachers around the world

In this blog you can find different resources that I have created to help students in their journey to master the English language. You are free to download them by clicking the link next to the resource and use them in your classrooms. In NO WAY YOU ARE ALLOWED TO REPRODUCED THEM FOR PROFIT OR UPLOAD THEM IN OTHER SITES ON THE WEB. Downloading them means you are accepting this terms of use.

you need to install penmanship font in order to use some of the worksheets.

Your comments are always welcome

If you have any doubt or question email me at lizsantiago07@gmail.com

INSTRUCTIONS: To view and download just click the thumb of each worksheet or PPT.

Creative Commons License
ESL Worksheets by LizSantiago is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Puerto Rico License.
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